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Consultant on: Crisis management

Important claims and cases of fraud are known since the existence of the sector. Starting from debasement of food caused by inferior ingredients up to the blending with dangerous products like glycol the whole range exists. Additionally there are impurities with contaminants like PHA, softeners, solvents, and many more. The risk potential realized by the consumer has been dramatically increased. Additionally due to modern analysis methods even traces of contaminants can be detected. The publishing of very lurid reports from test magazines are aggravating the situation.

At worst case it can cause a big burden for a company if there is mismanagement within a crisis. In return, the costs can be reduced and the confidence of the clients can be gained if the crisis has been managed perfectly.

My recommendation:
Insert an active crisis management within your quality management system and test it at least once a year. In case there is an active crisis management already please check if the following parts are included:

  • Active emergency system
  • Comprehensive list of addresses including laboratories, lawyers, authorities, press, police, relevant employees, clients
  • Instructions for critical procedures (at the crisis, it might be hectic and things will be forgotten)
  • Mailing list (crisis)
  • List of documents with relevant information where to find reports or software
  • Stand-in arrangement (no daily work for the crisis team)
  • Implement and define a crisis centre (calm area with computer and meeting room)
  • Telephone hotline with announcements
  • FAX and Email support with clients (please ask them in advance)
  • Coordination of tasks with naming of stand-in arrangement of the crisis team

Because of long term consultant in the organic sector with much analysis and a strict reaction I have excellent experiences concerning crisis management.

My support in the following sectors could be:

  • Creation and approval of crisis management
  • Expert in case of a crisis
  • Hazard analysis
  • Coordination and realization of projects
  • Service on food law
  • Employee training
  • Pest monitoring and prevention
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