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Consultant on: Product development

In the beginning already, especially in product development, many parameters have to be taken into consideration. I have great knowledge about manufacturing, processing, test set-up, best raw material and sensorial testing because of coordination and support of many product developments at various food sectors. Because of this a huge knowledge concerning various raw materials I can support the choice of the best raw material.

Although this sector is delicate for a company there has been no product development where my external support was not benefited as the knowledge of many sectors of the food industry leads to advantages. Another important fact is that, with external help the timing of the product development can be improved. With daily business product development especially at small companies will be delayed, because there are many time problems with top priority and the product development has other jobs to do as well. With external help this overwork can be reduced.

My practical experience showed that with innovative products the turnover can be increased significantly.

My recommendation:
Create a comprehensive developing plan with a time table. Especially the program Excel has got perfect possibilities for systematic structure. Please keep in mind that the results of the product development should be presented in a form able to be used for similar product developments. Why do You have to make similar experiences several times only because the staff changed?

Especially at the organic sector I can offer support because of a long experience.

My support in the following sectors could be:

  • Risk analysis for new products
  • Creation of a developing plan
  • Organization and implementation of sensorial testing
  • Process optimization
  • Project coordination and implementation
  • Service on food law (EU, German)
  • Supplier audits
  • Employee training
  • Improvement of packaging
  • Literature research
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