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Concerning storage and transport all parameters have to be known and work sufficiently to avoid claims or even withdrawals of products as the costs and the loss of reputation are quite big. By law all traders have got a responsibility to check the products and the terms of transport.

Auch die Logistik hat eine vom Gesetzgeber auferlegte Sorgfaltspflicht, die entsprechende Prüfungen der Lager und Transportbedingungen verlangt.

My support in the following sectors could be:

  • Risk assessment of transport and logistics
  • Coordination of analysing programs
  • Pest monitoring
  • Optimization of storage and transport conditions
  • Optimisation of storage and transport
  • Coordination and realization of projects
  • Crisis management
  • Service on food law
  • Audits of logistics (audit/selection)
  • Cooperation with manufacturers/clients
  • Employee training
  • Literature research
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