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Consultant on: Risk management

Significant claims are known for the whole existence of the food industry ever. The background has various reasons. In many cases the risk cannot be determined in advance. But there are cases where the risk could be determined in advance in case a risk analysis would have been done. An active system concerning corrective action and preventive action as well as the control of the critical control points (CCPs) and critical points (CP) is an important pre-condition. It is important that a risk management system is implemented systematically and working independently from daily business. Additionally analysis and tests which had been done have to be documented to be taken as a discharge in a crisis.

For every risk the probability of occurrence and the amount of the potential claim has to be determined to judge the risk. In case of high risk procedures must be defined to reduce the risk or in case this is not possible it must be determined how to react in case the risk occurs.

My recommendation:
Start with a risk assessment of the most important products and enlarge it time by time. It is important that this risk assessment is checked once a year to keep it up-to-date. The HACCP-Team could assume this job.

I know potential risks very well because of my long practical experiences in cooperation with various companies.

My support in the following sectors could be:

  • Creation of a risk analysis
  • Approval of risk analysis
  • Coordination and realization of projects
  • Service on food law
  • Employee training
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