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Consultant on: Packaging

The package of the product catches the first view of the client. By using the product the package has to be opened and closed/ disposed. At this point the consumer judges the product for the first time. Additionally it is necessary that the quality of the product could be preserved for a long time and the package can be recycled efficiently.
Because of this many points have to be considered to choose the right package. Because I supported many projects in various sectors of the food industry I do have a global knowledge concerning the choice of packaging material.

Actual topics:
Risk analysis of packaging material
Especially the potential danger of the packaging material has been underestimated, which had been shown by the problems with ITX, semicarbazide, or softeners.


Besides the potential risks the packaging materials give a big potential of possibilities as well to gain the attention of the customer support environmental aspects or improve the quality.

Although this sector is very sensitive for the company it is very important to get an independent support in case there is no sufficient internal knowledge. The packaging material has to be checked very early as it can take up to several months until the final packaging material is available. With the choice of common packaging material time and money can be gained.

My recommendation:
Please estimate at the product development already the needs of the packaging material and check the machine run ability. Please ask other producer for alternatives. There is big potential for costs and timing!

Especially for organic products I can support expertly due to an experience of more than 15 years.

My support in the following sectors could be:

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